BA Fine Art & English Literature Finalist. RSA, Reading, UK.

A coagulation of feminist science fact and fiction, queer magick-making, domestic labour, and living with chronic illness. 
In converstation with the works of Linda Stupart, Elizabeth A. Wilson, and Eva Hesse.
Producing soft sculptural works that evoke and examine their relationship to
the home, the natural world, the post-human body, death, disease and decay.

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Laetiporus II (Performance)

November 15th 2019.
Performance with soft foam sculptures. 
Eiffelgebouw, Maastricht. In association with ZUYD University.

‘In Laetiporus II, Rae entrusts the viewer with a palm sized, soft sculpture of a mushroom. They guide the participant through the process of caressing its delicate gills, in a peaceful, meditative ritual to reconnect them with the forest floor from which it was taken.’